With only 8 years of age, Francisco was already a member of his local acrobatic gym team in his homeland Chile.
Year after year he won regional and national championships and prizes.
At the age of 18 years he decided to add to his athletic career the discipline of trampoline. Short after he became an instructor of this discipline and took part in various championships.
Later he specialized himself in the acrobatic discipline of Acro-Balance (Body to Body).
With his friend and work partner, Mauricio Villarroel, he founded the company DUO TOBARICH, presenting an Acro-Balance Show (Body to Body).
For more than 13 years he is working professionally as an acrobat and travelling the whole world with DUO TOBARICH.
He worked in Street festivals, theaters, galas, private events, fashion shows, inaugurations of shopping centers …
A couple of years ago he got professionally involved in the new sport of the Cyr Wheel, presenting his solo performance worldwide.